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Full KYC with Amazon Pay | Kyc | July 2020

Hello, friends today I am going share the steps required to complete full KYC with Amazon Pay to Prevent the blockage of money loading in Amazon Pay wallet. Amazon has stopped the cash loading facility with the non-KYC amazon account.

Steps to Complete the Full KYC with Amazon Account

  1. First of all, install Amazon AppVisit website.
  2. After that Just Log in with your Amazon Account (Fill your email id/mobile number && Your password).
  3. Now click on Amazon Pay Option(Go to Profile).
  4. Then Click on the KYC option and Upload the required documents as mentioned below.
  5. Lastly, Schedule an appointment for document verification at the doorstep. (Amazon executive will visit your home for document verification).
  6. Spicy! You have done.

Required Documents for verification

  1. For ID Proof -PAN card.
  2. For Address Proof -(Passport/Voter Id card/Driving Licence).
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Benefits Of Completing KYC

  1. Continue using Amazon Pay balance. (The fastest way to pay).
  2. Upgrade to Rs.1 Lakh(Amazon Pay balance Limit).

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is KYC? Why do I need to complete KYC?

Amazon Pay balance is RBI regulated pre-paid instrument which mandates completion of FULL KYC within one year of account opening. Customer will not be able to add money into the account post 1 year, however, there is no restriction on using the existing balance

2. How is it different from the minimum KYC detail provided earlier?

Minimum KYC detail, providing officially valid document number, is required to open Amazon pay balance account with the validity of one year. To continue using Amazon pay balance account you need to complete full KYC

3. What do I need to verify before submitting KYC request?

  • Name on Amazon pay balance should be same as KYC documents 
  • Should have valid Government issued address proof– Driving license/Passport/Voter card and PAN card 
  • Note: Customer placing KYC request should be present at the time of KYC verification

4. What documents need to be submitted for completing KYC?

  1. Photocopy of Government issued address proof– Driving license/Passport/Voter card and PAN card.
  2. One passport size photograph. 

Note: When the agent comes to collect these documents, you’ll also need to show the original documents to him for verification purpose

5. How long will it take for my account to be upgraded?

Doorstep KYC process takes around 12 days to complete. Amazon will send notification on the status of your application

6. How will I know if my account is upgraded?

You will receive SMS and email notification once the KYC verification is complete. Your account limits will be upgraded to 1 lakh for the month

How to Add Money in Amazon Pay

  1.  First Of All Just Click Here.
  2. Then Sign in Or Sign Up Using Amazon Account into  AmazonPay Wallet.
How to Add money in Amazon Pay, Add money in Amazon Pay
First Of all Click On Amazon Pay
How to Add money in Amazon Pay, Add money in Amazon Pay
Click On Add Money
How to Add money in Amazon Pay, Add money in Amazon Pay
Fill the amount that you want to add
How to Add money in Amazon Pay, Add money in Amazon Pay
Complete Payment
  1. You Can Add Rs.1000/2000/4000 Money in your Amazon Pay Account (Totally Safe)
  2. Spicy” You Get Rs.100 Extra Money After Loading Rs.1000.

No more offer sell on Flipkart-Amazon | government changed rules –

From next year, a cell that runs on e-commerce such as Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm may break. In fact, the Central Government has taken strict action against these e-commerce companies and has ordered that online companies cannot sell such products which they themselves make. That means they can only sell the product if they make, they will not be able to sell on their platform.

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According to the Commerce and Industry Ministry statement, if the e-commerce company or its group company or anybody makes any goods, then they will not be able to sell it on their platform. Apart from this, he will not be able to sell the product of any company in which he will have any kind of stake.

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Instructions To follow

This instruction means that e-commerce companies will no longer be able to sell any company’s products exclusively. In such a way, Amazon and Flipkart sell the smartphones exclusively of companies such as OnePlus, Xiaomi, Realme, Vivo, Oppo, Honor, Huawei, they can not sell anymore.

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The government has completely changed the rules of online retail. In the online retail firm, FDI has changed the rules of foreign direct investment. From now on, the government will see if there is any kind of business relationship with the company that has invested before the company’s approval.

According to the commerce ministry, the purchase of e-commerce companies should offer cashback to the buyer in order to be transparent and free of discrimination. The Ministry has directed all online retail companies to submit the certificates of the auditor to the Reserve Bank by September 30 that the company has complied with all the rules.

Sell may be the last sale of January 26

The sale of e-commerce companies like Amazon and Flipkart can be the last exclusive cell of January 26. In fact, the government had many complaints of domestic traders that they have to suffer due to the huge discounts of e-commerce companies. This rule of e-commerce will be applicable from 1 st February 2019 next year. FDI in 100% of the existing policy of e-commerce means that foreign direct investment is allowed.