Google lens,google translate,Google lens uses,how to use google lens,features of google lens

Google Lens | Features will Amaze You

Friends, in our day to day, there are several problems which are common in our life and faced by us regularly. For example, when we go to other states and countries, we are not able to read any signboard and marks which is written in the native language of that place, when we see some unknown object and wants to get information about it we are unable to get it, when we want to get the answer of any question immediately we are unable to get it, etc. We are now facing these problems as we are not familiar with any search engine that can easily solve these tasks. Here SpicyzTrickz is going to explain you about Google lens which can easily solve these types of problems and give you a better search experience.

What is Google Lens?

Google Lens is an Application by Google that uses Artificial Intelligence technology to help us to identify the unknown objects pointing by our phone camera.

Using Google lens you can point any object like fruits, flowers, dress, shoes and this Application will tell you the detailed information about the pointing object.

To do that we can directly use Google Lens Application or we can ask Google Assistant regarding the pointing object, for instance, what is this? where I will get this dress? What is written on signboard?, translate the given text to Hindi or any selected language and show me similar objects like pointing object.

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Google lens will not only identify the pointing object, but we will also get suggestions based on the pointing object, like similar items, product images, online seller details and extra suggestions related to the pointed object.

What can Google Lens do?

This application has numerous amazing features like search on image, shopping related to the product in the image, translate the text of the given image, shows restaurants related to dish pointed by your phone camera and text selection option that allow us to select any sentences of the pointed picture.

Translate the text of pointed image

Google lens,google translate,Google lens uses,how to use google lens,features of google lens

This translate feature has amazed me, as it solves the language problems, for instance, it allows us to read any language written on Signboard, posters, books, and newspapers. It will directly translate which is present on pointed image live in front of your eyes.

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Suppose, you are on tour trip of Chennai and missed out on the correct path, in between the path you have seen a Signboard with something written on it in the Tamil language at that time you should follow these steps.

  • Open Google Lens application.
  • Point the Sign Board.
  • Select the translate icon showing on the screen.
  • Select text language as Tamil and translated language as English(you can use your native language).
  • It will translate the text of the pointing image(live) in front of your eyes to the selected language.

Smart text Selection

Google lens,google translate,Google lens uses,how to use google lens,features of google lens

If you have to write some text printed in the newspaper, exam’s question papers, etc then what you will do? In this case, you have two options first one is writing the whole lengthy text using pen and second smart one is to use Google Lens. Whenever you point your phone’s camera on a text written image, instantly lens will highlight the text on your phone screen. It will allow us to select any highlighted text or sentences for Copy or search on google.

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Search Around you

This feature will help you to explore your surroundings using lens. Lens has capability to identify your surroundings. If you will point your phone’s camera to an unknown shop’s board, then it might give you all details of the shopkeeper, what products they are selling, customer reviews, etc. (Only work if that shop has registered with Google Bussiness).

Shopping Feature

Google lens,google translate,Google lens uses,how to use google lens,features of google lens

In this modern period, everything is available on the Internet for shopping. Now, we don’t need to visit a nearby market or shop to buy anything, because the e-commerce sites are providing the crowd-free and hassle-free shopping experience and with cheap price in comparison with the local market and that’s why many peoples prefer online shopping and here Google Lens will help by giving suggestions to the related or exact product which is your phone’s camera is pointing. Suppose, you have seen a watch or dress and want to buy that online then just follow these steps.

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  • Open Lens application.
  • Just point that dress or watch using your Lens camera.
  • tap on Shopping Icon on the screen.
  • Lens will give all possible suggestions for that product present on e-commerce sites not only this it will also suggest related similar products to you.

How does Google Lens work?

Google Lens uses Artificial Intelligence technology to identify the object and suggest similar objects or alternatives, properties, shopping info. to buy the pointed object. For text translation in front of your eye, it uses Google Translate plugin that allows us to translate text written in any language to the selected language.

How to use Google Lens?

You can use Lens in your phone using Google Lens application, Google photo application, Google Assistant Application and Using Phone Camera.

Google Lens Application

You can directly install this application from Play Store [Download Link] and uses those amazing features to make life better.

Google Photo Application

We can directly use lens features on Google Photo Application. whenever you open Google Photo. Select any captured photo and at that time you will see Lens Icon at the bottom side on the screen. Just click on that icon and use all the features of Lens.

Google Assistant

Along with Google photo, Lens is also available with Google Assistant application. While using Google Assistant we will notice Lens Icon on the screen. When you will click on that icon, your Assistant application will allow you to ask any question after pointing objects like…

  • what is this?
  • Translate this to Hindi
  • Find the location of the pointed building.
  • Send the highlighted Slogan to Dipak Yadav( to friends).
  • Google searches for the selected link.

SpicyzTrickz is using Google Lens for Article Writing

Google lens,google translate,Google lens uses,how to use google lens,features of google lens

Spicyztrickz has used Google lens for the Hindi article on To provide content in Hindi Language Spicyztrickz has used a Subdomain( So, we will try to provide content in Hindi and covers all the Tech-related Posts. In this sense, for the “Lost your Phone” post we have used Lens translate feature to get Hindi (Lost my phone | तो इसे कैसे पाएं?) Translated Images which has saved our time to draw a new Image for Hindi version post on Tahalka.Spicyztrickz.

Spicyztrickz: If you have any query related to Google Lens and uses and any suggestion, do comments in the comment box.

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