Snaptube: Download Video and Music from social sites

In this generation, social media is a vast medium for transferring information and news throughout the globe. These days, messages are shared on social media with so much video content that if you want to watch a video after some time, then it gets lost in the rush of the feed.

For most of us, the first reason for capturing videos on our Android is to post to various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter, which provide instant gratification by gaining temporality from our followers.

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So there are many times when we want to save these videos on our Android for later viewing. Whether you want to save and watch it later or share it with someone else in leisure time, whatever the reason is but you cannot download directly from these social sites with just a single click. So I will show you the best way to save videos and audio from your favorite social media sites with just one app.

What is Snaptube?

Generally, the Android platform has a variety of apps to support the download of videos from Facebook and other social media, but there is no such app capable of downloading HD Video and Music from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter is.

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The Snaptube app is an easy and effective tool for downloading videos from the YouTube website. It provides fast downloads in a convenient way to play or watch later without any internet connection.

In addition, this application has many search options. It has a list of 23 categories, a full section of popular videos, a section for most viewed videos, and also provides daily recommendations and suggestions for videos.

In SnapTube, you can download videos, audio or video in audio format from any social site like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can choose the resolution quality of the downloading media as many of having low storage problems with your smartphones. Along with that, you can choose only one audio file or many audio files to download, if you want to save only one audio of the file to a song or album then just click on the Download button given below Audio file.

Sanptube can also be used as a browser. Browsing in the Snaptube app is very simple. >Here, you can search any Videoes, audios in one click. Sanptube contains more than 50 categories for Videoes and audio. and All you have to do is click on any categories or videos. Or you can type the name of the artist or song in the search bar. Once, you will find the video of your choice, you can run it or download it directly to your device.

Features of Snaptube

Here are some features of Best Video & Music Download App:

1) Download Videos to all format and in all solutions

In this, you can download your video or audio content in many formats.

2) Floating Window

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3) Batch Downloading:

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You can download the video in batches in all formats and in all resolutions depending upon your choice and storage capacity of your smartphone.

3) Multi Sites Downloader

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Snaptube allows us to download videoes and audios from more than 50 sites like Facebook, Instagram, DailyMotion, and Whatsapp. As, Snaptube supports over 50 sites like Facebook, Instagram which helps you download free videos from your favorite sites.

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4) User-friendly interface with dark mode

User friendly interface with dark mode

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How To Download and Use Snaptube

you can easily download Snaptube in your Andriod Phone just by following these steps.

  1. To Download Snaptube Just [Click Here]. or Download from SnapTube Official Site[Click Here].
  2. As you are not downloading Snaptube from Google Play Store. So, you will get a warning message like “This app can harm your device”.
  3. Just allow installation from your Phone Setting.

If you face any trouble while downloading and installing the Snaptube application, check if you have enabled third-party app download on your Android device.

  1. Go to your phone’s Settings and
  2. See Security & Privacy.
  3. Then, enable Install unknown apps.
  4. Now, you can easily download Snaptube.

Like youtube you can also get Video and Music based on your search in Snaptube. Here, you will get more than 50 categories for videoes and music with downloading option below each videoes.

  1. First of all open Sanptube and be on Home Page.
  2. After opening the SnapTube app, you will see more options above social icons.
  3. Just click on more options, here you get 50 Categories of Videoes.
  4. If you want to search videoes by keyword, just search in the search bar and press enter. Here, you will get some videoes based on the searched keyword and videoes are downloadable.

How To Download Videos From Facebook

Many of us are the Facebook lover and spend huge time by liking friends posts, making own post and chatting with others. Now, we can not only post images, but we can also post Videoes on Facebook. but, what to do if you want to download that Facebook video posted by your friends. To do so use Snaptube, here I have given some simple steps to download Facebook video on your phone.

  1. First of all open Snaptube Application.
  2. Tap on the Facebook icon in this app and log in with your Facebook ID.
  3. Your Facebook account will be opened.
  4. New changes you will see below each videoes posted by your friends that is Download Button.
  5. Just click on the Download button.
  6. Here, you will get 3 or 2 options such as download video, download audio of the video, etc.
  7. After this, you might get 3 options for Video Resolution. (Select any one)
  8. Done, the video will be downloaded on your smartphone.

Benefits of Snaptube

  1. With the help of this app, you can also do multi-tasks while watching videos in the phone.
  2. It has a fast-loading player which reduces the video buffering, this does not stop the video repeatedly.
  3. There are no hidden terms in this app and these apps are 100% free.
  4. You can watch unlimited videos, songs, movies in this app.
  5. It also has lots of fun and short videos of all kinds.
  6. If you have this app on your phone, then you will never miss entertainment.
  7. You can save videos and watch them later with the help of a snap tube downloader.
  8. Due to the feature of video downloading, the problem of full of phone memory is removed.
  9. If you do not like the add platform already, then you can also add your favorite platform to it.

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