Free Fire Game- Game modes and its Rules

Free Fire Game- Game modes and its Rules- Hi Spicyztrickz readers, we will explore a Battel Royal Game, a game that has been downloaded more than 50 crore times only on the Play Store, you will not be shocked by knowing that millions of people play this game every day, today we will know about the Free Fire Battle Royale Game, it features, game mode, unknown rules and also compare with PUBG Game.

I think there is no requirement of telling that Free Fire is also a Battle Royale game like PUBG, quit easy isn’t. But before Jumping on GarenaFree Fire, let’s try to understand what is the multiplayer game?

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What Battle Royal Game?

Battle Royale: This is a type of Multiplayer game in which multiple online players are left into a large map space at the same time, and any player who survives on that island by eliminating all other opponents until the end or longer is declared a winner of the Game. All the players start the Game by having skydive from an aircraft and then landed on an island. With minimum equipment and health, players start searching for heavy and powerful equipment to fight opponents. Battle Royale games became more popular when free games like Free Fire became available in 2014 and after 2014 you know how much Battle Royale games attract players.

Note: Many people think that PUBG and Free Fire is the first Battle Royale game in the world, but in reality, Battle Royal multiplayer games have existed since the early 1990s.

What is Free Fire?

Garena Free Fire Battle Royale Game was developed by 111dots Studio using the Unity Game Engine and Free Fire was released by Garena on 6 December 2014 for iOS and Android. Garena. Garena is a gaming platform similar to Steam which provides paid and free games for mobile and PC.

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Maps In Free Fire Battle Royale Game

In Free Fire Ballle Royal Game, there are 2 maps, first one is known as the Bermuda map and now another map is known as the Kahari map.

The Bermuda Map is a green map with seas, rivers, green water, and trees, although the Kahari Map is completely opposite to the Bermuda Map, the Kahari Map is a desert map consisting mostly of desert houses, sand, and desert trees.

Game Modes in Garena Free Fire

The game has 10 different Battle-Royale game types, with classic and Ranked mode being the most popular. However, many modes are also brought in the game for 3 to 4 months. We have listed some of Game modes:

  1. Classic mode
  2. Ranked Mode
  3. Rush Hour mode
  4. Clash Squad Mode

Rules of Garena Free Fire Royal Game

We have briefly discussed the Garena Free Fire Royal Game, but the story of this game is not finished, now we will understand the gameplay of Classic Mode and the easy rules of FreeFire.

  1. Until all the players join, you are in the lobby with the remaining joined players, the lobby is simply a waiting area where players wait for other players.
  2. After the joining of all players, they all are seated in an airplane.
  3. Here the most graphical view part starts. That airplane passes over your chosen island and ready for the ejection process.
  4. Each player can land any place according to his own in the Ejection process,
  5. When you land on the ground with a parachute, you do not have any weapons, and to combat other players you have to collect many types of equipment.
  6. you will get all kinds of weapons, clothes, medical kit, and the rest of the materials in the houses in Azubaju.
  7. After that weapon collection process starts, many times there are some weapons in some houses, it can be very difficult for you if any other player picks up the weapon before you, so at the same time.
  8. After collecting all the weapons and materials you have to fight with other players and by kill as many players your winning chances will be more.
  9. Shortly after the start of the game, a circle comes which gradually shrinks over time. This circle is called Play Zone.
  10. All players have to play inside the play zone, outside the play zone there is another big zone which is called Blue Zone, if you go outside the blue zone then you get out of the game.
  11. There comes a time in the game when the blue zone is so small that no player can live in that zone, just you have to kill all the other players before it and you win.